Sunday, March 15, 2009

2009 Rule Change: 100% Salary Rebate for New Leagues for Cuts

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I had a request this weekend to allow a cut of a player from a team that was in the midst of a Phase Two draft. This player had become injured, and the owner wanted to be able to drop the player and get that salary room back to finish the draft.

Well, that part's not changing. During the Phase Two drafts, there are no cuts and that will continue. Teams will have a chance to make some modifications post-draft to fix their rosters. (From a long term perspective, this particular player is most likely headed to the DL at the start of the season...and there's been no official word on the amount of time he'll miss, so cutting him may potentially be short-sighted anyway, except for the cap issue).

So, I got to thinking about this and this spring we've run more Startup Drafts than we ever have in one year. And - while the drafts in the last few seasons were probably mostly done by Benchwarmer Veterans - we've had a lot of new owners this spring too. There are some definite quirks to the draft - and the salary cap can end up being a big problem...and new owners are still trying to get a hang of all that and how to fill up a roster.

To help them out, when a league finishes a draft, rather than be held to only a 50% salary rebate for cuts (80% starting in Week Zero), their first two transaction cycles will allow them to cut players and get a 100% salary rebate. This does not change the limitation on players making salary 200 or below - there is still no rebate for them.

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