Thursday, April 2, 2009

Season opening things to remember...

This is generally a repeat of the email sent out earlier today....

The MLB season opens up Sunday night, but we don't kick off for another week. As a reminder, we don't count the first 5 games for hitters. Your Opening Day lineups must be set by Friday, April 10.

Here are some reminders about this week's transaction deadline (Week Zero - Monday night 4/6, midnight EDT). These are scattered throughout the rules - this is an attempt to give you one recap.

Deuces Wild - since you're still drafting, these do not apply to you just yet.

  • You must have a legal roster after signings/cuts/trades on Monday. (26 players minimum, all mandatory slots filled). If you're short in any way, the league office will sign players for you.
  • So - starting this week, you can't have any cuts or trades that would leave you below a minimum roster.
  • Starting this week, the salary rebate for cut players goes up to 80% from 50% (except some of the new leagues who are still getting 100% - see your sign/cut page for details).
  • All teams get an extra 2 million in cash. Technically, this is awarded after the transactions are done - but in reality you can figure in that extra cash in for your Week Zero transactions.
  • Returning leagues only - You can only take $5 million into the season. Now would be the time to get your balance below that mark by signing players or creating multiyear contracts. The way it works - we run the transactions - check cash balances - anything above $5 million is cut down to that level - then all teams get $2 million (so you'll have 7 million when all is said and done). Again - if you drafted in a new league this season - the 5 million limit does not apply to you.
  • Moving someone to Injured Reserve (IR) is permanent for the season. Use the "Taxi Squad" as our version of the shorter-term disabled list (or minor leagues if a player is eligible). You may find you need to cut players.
  • Despite "real life" status, in BWB a player can only be put in the minors if he makes 250 or less in salary. You may need to make cuts.
  • So far, I haven't made corrections to anyone's lineups. During the Week Zero transactions, if you have 15 minor leaguers or 8 guys in your rotation, etc. I'll be removing excess. I won't fill in missing holes until Week 1.
  • Though lineups aren't due until Week 1, it helps the process if you start setting them ASAP as that helps me find teams missing a position. If you don't set a lineup by Week 1, the league will do it for you.

To see how BWB will automatically sign missing players or set your Opening Day lineups for you, see section 13 of the rules ("Inactive Owners"). Moral of the story - do it yourself.

Questions? Consult the rules, the FAQs, or email your League Admin ("Email BWB" link at the bottom of any web page).

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