Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Multiyear Contracts - A rundown of help options.

I hope in the next few days to put up some examples of good/bad contract signings and some general thoughts. But as a quick service, there are some scattered pages on the site and on this blog that discuss multiyear contracts, particularly updated this year to try to correct some misconceptions.

It never fails, despite the comments and warnings, I will still have someone try to sign 20+ players on his roster to multiyear contracts, or try to extend Albert Pujols for 5 years. But hopefully, if you're not sure what's really going on with contracts and you take a look at some of these pages, you can get a feel for what to do and what not to do.

There are also some basic notes on the contract extension form as found on the web site.

If you're still not completely sure how everything works, after you submit your extensions:

  • Go back to the contract extension form and look in the last column (Contract Total). That will display how much cash you're going to have to spend on that player's contract if you keep it as is.
  • On your team's Transaction Index, below your Adds/Drops for the week, if you've submitted extensions, it will indicate the total cash needed for those extensions.
  • If after looking at these two pages, you realize that you don't have enough cash to cover the contracts (you pay the total IMMEDIATELY) or your badly calculated what it would cost you, you can go back to the form and modify or delete the contract.

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