Sunday, August 30, 2009

2010 Twins Tickets - Season ticket availability in Target Field

If you're in the Minnesota area and plan to see 5 or more games in 2010, why not join my season ticket group and take advantage of the opportunities that provides.  We're expanding from 4 seats per game to 12, so I've got a lot of holes to fill (and I'm hoping I didn't overextend!)  Seat information is below - full payment this year is due by December.  Ideally, to cut down on the number of people I need to correspond with, I'm hoping to find people to commit to 20 or more tickets.  But every bit helps, so 10 or more is doable too!

You can pick either 2 or 4 tickets to any game and you can mix up your requests between the different seating options.

See a separate blog for ongoing information - below is the original post:

Three different seat locations in 2010 - See the links below for seating charts and 3-D representations of what the view will be like from the seats.

Prices listed are season-ticket package prices, which in the Dome were $5-10 below face value.

Master seating chart

Legends Club
All tickets include access to the club amenities for that game.
Price: $55 each
Section G, Row 5, Seats 14-17
On the aisle closest to home plate
3-D View

Limited or no availability for new members to the group (joining in August 2009 and later).  While we pick games on a random basis, the priority for number of seats available goes by seniority in the group.  But get in now and there is future opportunity.

Diamond Box Seats
$38 each
Section 121, Row 3, Seats 1-4
On the aisle closest to home plate - on the 3rd base line.
Direct view of the downtown skyline - in the sun for all afternoon games.
3-D View
Just across the aisle, tickets in "Home Plate Box" cost $50
The section in front of us is Section 15 - "Dugout Box" seats that cost $69 each
Section 15 has 15 rows...then there's a dividing wall, then we're in Row 3 of the next section.  So consider this maybe about 20 rows from the field.

Field Box Seats
$29 each
Section 103, Row 7, Seats 21-24
On the aisle closest to home plate
Right field line - faces the video scoreboard.  In the sun for early afternoon during mid-summer.
3-D View

Just across the aisle, tickets in "Diamond Box" cost $38
Here we're 7 rows from the field down the right field line. The seats are turned toward the infield.


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