Saturday, August 29, 2009

Football Pool opportunities

I run 2 football pools that are open to everyone (there are several BWB players in or have been in the past).

NFL Pool - $40 entry. Pick winners each week (no spread) and rank games 1-16. You get the number of points you put on the game if you're right. Highest total wins the week. Last year we paid 5 weekly places and the top 6 for the season. The top winner last year won $216.

NCAA Pool - $26 entry. Same idea, though you don't have to rank all the games. This year to reduce ties, we're making one game worth 3 points and three games worth 2 points (you choose which ones to put more weight on). CBS picks 15 games each week...season runs for 13 weeks.

To get in:
NFL Pool - Link and password:
Our Pool password is: bwb2009

NCAA Pool - Link and password:
Our Pool password is: bwcfb2009

Hurry! First games for the NCAA pool are Thursday Sept. 3rd
Correction: CBS moved back the start one week: NCAA picks start Thursday, Sept. 10

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dbato said...

Would you consider this for your football pool?

JHB Sports TEAM-based league concept is launching nationwide in time for the 2009 NFL season. Please check it out here: and for the gambling element click here: This is NOT fantasy football. Instead, it is the best way to enjoy the NFL and friendly wagering all year among friends, family, and/or co-workers. It requires ZERO time commitment throughout the season so it really caters to the person who does not have any free time but still likes football.

The game works best with 4-8 Players. As a Player in this type of League the great thing is there is NO weekly maintenance. You’ll just have some NFL teams to cheer for all season and when they win you get points (which for those that gamble can be dollars). It’s always interesting because every year there are teams like New England, Dallas, and Seattle last year that were picked way early and didn’t make the playoffs and teams like Atlanta, Miami, and Baltimore that were picked dead last and made the playoffs.

Let me know if you want to host one of these and I will give you free access for the 2009 season. The game is great for hardcore NFL junkies and casual fans alike. Please let me know if you have any questions and of course I’m happy to walk through the site with you or any of your friends.

Thanks so much!