Saturday, September 19, 2009

Specials and Free Teams in 2010

As we move into 2010, we're going to make a similar effort at encouraging expansion of Benchwarmer Baseball as we did in the last 2 seasons.  2009 was a banner season when we added six new leagues to the fold.  I was going to stop the free team explosion, but on second thought we'll try it at least for one more season...

So, here's the rundown of the normal reward structure:
  • All league champions get their team free in 2010.  They also earn a free team that can be used in a new league or to pick up an orphan team.
  • All winners of the other post-season tournaments - the Gore Cup and the Bottomfeeder Open - win a free extra team that can be used in a new league or to pick up an orphan team.
  • The winner of the Benchwarmer Bash gets 2 free seasons for that team.  The Bash runner up gets one free season (this is added on for future seasons if they were a league champ and already getting the team free in 2010).
As with the last 2 seasons, in a special bonus program - all division winners will get a free extra team that they can use in a new league or give to another person for a new league.  At the start, these will not be available for orphan teams, but at some point next winter/spring, if we have orphans remaining, they may be opened up for these bonus teams.  They must be used in 2010 and will not be carried over into 2011.

The "bonus" teams are just that - and are meant to seed new leagues.  They cannot be used to cover payment for existing teams.

New Owner Specials - For brand new people who have never played Benchwarmer before, we're currently running a special through the end of October.  They can sign up and get their first team in new leagues for free (normal prices apply for teams beyond the first).  This is being advertised currently in USA Today Sports Weekly.  The goal is to pull in more people and get them hooked (and become paying customers!) for future seasons.  It is possible that in November and December we may have some reduced rates for new owners.  Tell your friends - this is a great opportunity for them to try out Benchwarmer for a year at no risk!

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