Saturday, September 19, 2009

Returning Next Season?

It's time to indicate if you're coming back for another season of Benchwarmer Baseball.  There is now a link on your team's roster page that will let you respond yes/no to keeping the team in 2010.  Or you can just go ahead and click here.

At this point, you have to answer individually for each team - depending on which team you're currently logged in as on the web site.  I will try to put up a page to allow you to answer for multiple leagues on a single page - no promises, but I'll try to have that up by the end of September.

Please answer Yes/No by October 31.  If unanswered by that time, your team will automatically become an Orphan Team.

Experts - Please answer by October 4 (last day of the MLB regular season) so that I have time to search for new experts to take over teams before the off-season activity begins.

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