Monday, November 30, 2009

Some Off-season Dates Pushed Back

BWB is year-round, but could use a little bit more space (for both you and me) in between some of the dates originally set.  I have some website retooling to work on over the winter, and I want a little bit of extra time to find new experts to take over some orphans in the Experts League.

New Dates (all deadlines at midnight Pacific time):
  • Roster Carryover Choices - Saturday, Dec. 26th (was Dec. 11).  This is probably the only non-Friday date for returning leagues until April.
  • Redistribution Draft Picks - Friday, Jan. 15 (was Dec. 31).  Current plan is to post results by Jan 23-24.
  • Free Agency Opens - Friday, Jan. 29.

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